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April 10, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments


There is something rather magical about art - it adds another layer to your space. What was once a bare wall is now a space wherewomen dance to the beat of a drum orfearless soldiers make their way into the battleground

fearless rider painting by precious oshiole afm gallery

Art has the ability to transform a space and to transport us to a world we perhaps didn’t even know existed. Suddenly, we feel like we’ve been a part of it forever. That is the beauty of art.

In today’s world, the options to consume and buy art are endless. The online space has only helped in increasing our accessibility to art. With that said, it is important that fellow art lovers and aficionados keep in mind a few considerations before purchasing art - whether it be online or at a physical gallery. 

Here are the four questions you should ask before you decide to go and purchase a piece of art:




There are two aspects to consider here: the size and the décor of your space.

The size: what are the dimensions of the painting you’d like to buy? Typically, a good size that allows the painting to stand out is anything above 21 inches by 34 inches, without a frame. Keep in mind that a frame is sure to add a few more inches to the painting.  

It is also important you take into account the overall size of the wall you'd like to hang the painting on. Does the wall have other paintings on it? Perhaps a clock?

What about the size of your overall space? For instance, buying a huge painting in a small New York apartment might make the space feel cramped - rather than focusing on how gorgeous the painting is, your focus would be on the stuffiness of your space.

The décor: Think about the color scheme of your space. The patterns and textures of upholstery. The fabrics used in the curtains or blinds. The wallpaper.

Art is a great way - and a rather fun one, if we might add - of adding some color and personality to your space! At the same time, it is important to be mindful of your overall space and really think about what would and wouldn’t work. While contrasting elements are great, jarring isn’t.



When buying any piece of art, it is important that you ensure the artwork you’re about to purchase is authentic and not mass produced. Here are some ways to determine the authenticity of the artwork:

1. Is it clearly mentioned by the gallery that the work of art is authentic? When a work of art is not original i.e. a print (mass produced), galleries clearly mention this. 

2. Has the artwork been signed by the artist? You can also cross-check the artist’s signature across their works to confirm the painting you want to buy is authentic.

3. Does the gallery provide a certificate of authenticity. Galleries - online and physical - will readily offer you the proof with the purchase of an original piece of artwork. And if they don't, just ask. Galleries will be happy to provide it to you.

4. It is also important to ensure the online gallery uses trusted payment gateways. So make sure to look for those when checking out.

5. In case you’re still worried about the authenticity of the gallery, check if they have a presence on social media. Galleries often tend to have anInstagram account and aFacebook page.

6. What about the gallery’s customer service? Does the gallery have a direct line or an email address where you can reach them easily? Legitimate galleries that provide authentic works of art try to be readily available to answer their customers’ and potential customers’ questions.



It is rather surprising how most people fail to take into consideration the extra $$$ they’d have to shell out after they’ve bought a piece of art on the stretching and framing. Usually, galleries selling paintings do not sell them ready to hang. You usually have to go to a local framer to get your paintings stretched and framed. 

AFM Gallery offers buyers the option of having their work stretched or framed at an additional cost. We offer three framing options: walnut, mahogany, and black. You can choose the framing option on the product page itself when you’re adding a painting to the cart.


the procession by monsuru tukuru afm gallery

The beauty of buying art comes down to how personal the experience is. It is important to make sure that the piece of art you buy rings true to you - does the work of art speak to you? Does it make youfeelsomething? The process of buying boils down to whether you believe that a piece of art will add value to your life.