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About Us


Africa is a diverse continent, rich in its people, culture, music, societal norms, and the list goes on. Art is an important medium through which this richness gets translated. It acts as a cathartic as well as a gentle reminder for one to revisit their roots  

Art from the Motherland (AFM) Gallery is a U.S. based venture that aims to connect masters and emerging african artists and their works to a broader market. We source our paintings directly from local artists and also through our partner gallery, Krabhouse Ventures - One of biggest art collectors in West Africa. All of the pieces featured in our gallery have been carefully selected and curated to ensure that they are a true reflection of the African culture. Through AFM, we hope to bring a piece of the African continent to households globally.Whether you appreciate the African way of life, miss it, or want to gain a deeper insight into it, we are here to help you. 

AFM also simplifies the art buying process. Our paintings can be delivered framed and ready to hang - eliminating additional stretching and framing costs typically incurred by art buyers on other platforms.   

While AFM is a for-profit company, we are also advocates for the artists we partner with and work to promote their brand across many platforms.